Roadshow at Story Empire

This week I have been on an adventure. I hit the road and had an incredible journey with a bunch of authors and readers. We all followed Story Empire's authors in their Roadshow with their Traveling Library Bookmobile. Following this adventure we have been to several different places. We have met Driscoll Lake inhabitants with … Continue reading Roadshow at Story Empire

40 reasons why do I write #challenge

A few days ago I saw this post on 40 reasons why do you write. Beside listing the author's 40 reasons, the post asks writers to take the challenge, write 40 reasons and post on your blog. How could I resist? At first I thought finding 40 would prove difficult, but in the end once … Continue reading 40 reasons why do I write #challenge

Writer, come home! Join #TribeWriters2.0

A few days ago, when I first logged in the brand new version of Tribe Writers from my smartphone, the first sentence I saw was this: You are here: Home. I knew that the sentence was about my position in the website, but this made me smile, because that's how Tribe Writers make me feel: … Continue reading Writer, come home! Join #TribeWriters2.0

Facing the truth

Wanting to be a writer is clearly not enough to become one. And inspiration alone will lead you to nowhere. Being a writer requires a lot of hard work, commitment and sacrifice. It’s difficult, but not impossible. If you made choices that had nothing to do with writing in your life, it’s even more difficult. … Continue reading Facing the truth

Overcrowded schedule and overcrowded mind #whatImwriting

As you may have understood by now, I’m not good at making my life easier. I already had a crowded schedule with my job, this blog, my ongoing projects and the job as a translator. You may think that this would have been enough. But I can’t let an opportunity for writing more slip away. … Continue reading Overcrowded schedule and overcrowded mind #whatImwriting

Only trust writers who reads a lot #whatImreading

Tell me... ...would you trust a chef who doesn’t eat? Or a singer who doesn’t listen to music? I don’t think so. Then why should you trust a writer who doesn’t read? A few days ago I was thinking about this and I realised that lately I’ve been reading far less than I used to. I … Continue reading Only trust writers who reads a lot #whatImreading

Make your newsletter the one you would be happy to receive

Wherever I turn, I see newsletters and requests to subscribe to mailing lists of all sorts (there’s even one at the top of my page, isn’t it weird?). There are a lot (A LOT) of influential voices who strongly sustain the importance, rather the absolute need, of setting a mailing list to connect with your … Continue reading Make your newsletter the one you would be happy to receive

The micracle of accountability

Yesterday I was at lunch and, as usual on Friday, I was wondering about my next blog post. Let’s face the truth, I’m not consistent at blogging. I try very hard to plan in advance, to decide what to write, to establish branches and folow them but in the end I often feel like I … Continue reading The micracle of accountability

What I learnt from failing

Did you noticed? It’s May already. Which means that Camp NaNoWriMo is over. This time I can’t brag about winning because I didn’t reach my goal of 60000 words but I can sound wise by telling you some of the things I learnt from this experience (some I already knew but it's good to have a … Continue reading What I learnt from failing

Not practicing what you’re preaching

As usual, talking is easier than doing. In the past weeks I found myself on a difficult path, struggling with many of the things I talked about in a previous post. Basically I let life and everyday’s tasks to steal time and energy from my passion (my tendency to procrastinate and put off writing untill conditions are … Continue reading Not practicing what you’re preaching


Hello readers! How are you? I’m here just for a quick update. I have some interesting news that will affect my writing, that’s why I thought to share them with you. First of all, during the past weeks Andrea (my boyfriend) and I moved definitely to our new appartment and this imply two things. We … Continue reading Changes

The fear of running out of ideas – Writing Nightmares #11

Once upon a time, when I was young and foolish, I wanted to be a writer but did nothing to become one. I wanted to write but I didn’t take the time to put the words on paper. I had a journal and started some stories, but never finished one. I was paralysed by fear, … Continue reading The fear of running out of ideas – Writing Nightmares #11

One lovely blog award! What’s that?

  Have you ever heard about One Lovely Blog Award? It’s nothing official, it’s an award blogger decide to give to other bloggers to show their appreciation and support. How does it works? Well, there are a few simple rules: you have to be nominated by another blogger. once you have been nominated, you can … Continue reading One lovely blog award! What’s that?

Fan Fiction Fever – Writing Nightmare #6

They are a various family, they can be called with several names (sequels, prequels, retellings, what if), they can be professionally written, edited and published or they can be the result of amateur work shared on an online platform... but the truth is that they are fan-fictions, all of them. I know purists that abhor … Continue reading Fan Fiction Fever – Writing Nightmare #6