Roadshow at Story Empire

This week I have been on an adventure. I hit the road and had an incredible journey with a bunch of authors and readers. We all followed Story Empire's authors in their Roadshow with their Traveling Library Bookmobile. Following this adventure we have been to several different places. We have met Driscoll Lake inhabitants with … Continue reading Roadshow at Story Empire

Writer on vacation! – part 2.2

It’s been ages, right? I told you I’d be back telling you more stories about my travels, but then life got in the way—she always does. Months passed, I thought to come back to this, but never seem to find the time. And now even more time had passed, so why going back to it? … Continue reading Writer on vacation! – part 2.2

Writer on vacation! – part 1

It’s strange to be home again. Believe it or not, this one to the States was the longest trip I’ve ever took and being home again after two weeks it’s odd at first. Just to start, my home’s rooms seem huge after the hotel’s rooms. Andrea and I have been to very good hotels, but … Continue reading Writer on vacation! – part 1